Racialized self-regulation ensures I’ll never retire.

I was born Black and female, so I work. My work is to quell the rage.

I am permeable, and this is the work. To allow the toxins of trauma to seep from my pores in a palatable way; to seal my orifices to…

Paying tribute to 7,208 square meters of progress, power, and pride.

“You know, I used to play rugby,” I muttered into warm leather, most of it slick with my sweat.

“Oh? I can see that,” came the reply, soon punctuated by the snap of a belt held taut beneath my…

Do we make love or does it make us?

“Girl, you so fine, someone ought to you on a plate and you up with a straw.”

Imagine someone saying that to you. That someone is a middle-aged, graying man in larger-than-necessary cargo shorts and typical Caribbean-dad sandals… who…

My list of identities will never contain the word “mother.”

Black. She/Her. Cis. Hetero. College-educated. Cancer survivor. Blissfully married. 30.

That list of identities will never contain the word .

It’s the pandemic, you’re tempted to rationalize. It’s climate change, you muse.

Ah, it makes sense now; it’s all that racialized .

You’d be right. But this decision transcends the…

Ashley Strahm

Jersey roots, Durham fruit. Committed to justice, enthralled by stories, and inspired by an equitable future for us all.

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